Nassau, Bahamas

This past summer I traveled to 3 islands in the Bahamas; Coco Cay, Nassau, and a small island off of Nassau.  It was an amazing experience and I would love to go back again.  This is a new subdomain I have just created for the culture module of my DGST class but I’ve really always wanted to create a travel blog so it was the perfect idea. I chose Nassau, Bahamas for the first post because we just finished reading Midnight Robber and I remembered going to Junkanoo Beach which is the picture below. Junkanoo Beach in Nassau is a small beach off of the cruise port. In the book Midnight Robber, Junkanoo was one of the many words that stood out because if you’re not familiar with Caribbean culture it probably sounded like a bizarre word. Junkanoo was relevant in the book Midnight Robber because it is a street parade known for the costumes, music, and color while also being a big part of Caribbean culture in general.

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